Nicole Orozco

I am a serial entrepreneur, mom, and a wife.

My passion is web and graphic design. 

If you are a mom then you may know that pregnacy, not eating right, or excersing can be the culprit for weight gain.  Add sitting long hours behind a desk to that...I literally set myself up for failure.

I was tired of feeling tired, fat, and unattractive and was ready for a change. Not another diet but a lifestyle change.

I have lost over 60 pounds and have kept it off for over 2 years now!

With exercise, eating right, and the help of It Works!  I was able to gain more than I could ever imagine. I look and feel so much better.  My confidence has sky rocketed and my family is much more happier as well.

It's your turn now so what are you waiting for?  

Investing in YOU is the best thing you could do for your mind, body, soul, and YES your pocketbook too!

Join me today!

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